Construction Details

Built to IRC 2018

Our engineered plans are reviewed and stamped by the Colorado Department of Housing.

Snow Load is rated at 71 PSF Roof Load and 50 PSF Ground Snow Load.

Wind Load is rated at 115 MPH.

Construction Specifications

Floor: The floor system has either 2x8 or 2x10 floor joists 16" on center. Double rim board around the perimeter of the entire home.

Walls: The walls are 2x6 studs 16" on center.

Roof: Engineered roof trusses are placed 16" on center.


Designed for maximum efficiency, the floor, walls, and ceiling are insulated in every Dreamwood Cabin.

Floor: Closed Cell Spray Foam with R-31 rating

Walls: Fiberglass Batt Insulation with R-19 rating

Ceiling: Closed Cell Spray Foam with R-38 rating

Heating and Cooling

Base pricing includes electric baseboard heaters.

Additional heating and cooling options may be added after delivery by a local contractor.

Exterior Finishes

Choose from Duratemp Panel Siding, 6" Reveal Lap Siding, 29 Gauge Metal Siding or 8" Log Siding.

Roof is available with 40-year rated Metal Roof or 30-year rated Architectural shingles.

Interior Finishes

The interior can be finished with shiplap or V-board on the walls and ceiling. Choose from clear coat or painted interior.

The flooring is a highly durable, water proof vinyl plank.